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The ShangZhi agricultural machinery equipment limited company (NTCO.LTD) in NanChong, SiChuan, is a private scientific and technological enterprises specializing in the research and sale of the laborsaving and automatic equipment of sericulture (agriculture). 

Relying on the experts of institute of sericulture, Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the experience in past decades to research and extend the sericulture machines, the company has successfully launched series of advanced modern sericulture equipment, including the auto rotating grid frames, young silkworm co-cultivation machine, automatic mulberry leaf cutting machine,  intelligent warming and humidifying machine, ozone disinfector, multiple function mobile cocoonery, fast assemble silkworm scaffold, young silkworm net, plastic feeding tray (co-cultivationbox), co-cultivation wheel, electric duster for muscardine disinfection (EDMD), multifunctional plastic weaving silkworm net, shade net, plastic weaving cloth, labor saving silkworm tray system, cardboard grid frames, plastic frame, mulberry shoot trimmer, labor saving shear and the automatic circulation hot air cocoon drying machine. Besides, several equipment for ozone disinfection and temperature regulation of silkworm rearing tents was also launched. Following the spirit of sustainable innovation, the company will devote to create value for customers and to serve the hardware supports for sericulture industrialization. 

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