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Mulberry Management

Pneumatic trimmer

Product parameters


Product Brief

Hand push mulberry cutting machine

It is mainly used for the summer cutting of mulberry branches and the pruning in winter and the harvest of the mulberry. The product can also be used for street trees, fruit tree pruning, can also access the duster or other pneumatic tools, to achieve a multi-purpose machine. It is an ideal replacement equipment to replace the shearing of the human mulberry and reduce the labor intensity of the cutting operation.

High efficiency: improve the efficiency of mulberry cut than conventional 3 to 5 times, long time use more advantages.

Easy: easy to operate, compact and compact, easy to move with inflatable tires.

Labor saving: humanized design grip, long time operation no longer hand acid, arm pain.

Safety: safety lock buckle design, prevent misoperation, avoid the harm to the human body. The sections of the cutting branches were smooth and without buckle.

Energy saving: no external power supply, oil consumption is only 0.4 liters / hourly.

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