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Electric trimmer

Product parameters


Product Brief

Electric cutting machine

 (configured lithium battery or lead-acid batteries)

Power configuration battery or lithium battery, DC voltage 48V, conventional cut diameter 30mm branches, the maximum can be cut off 50mm branches.

Disc saw diameter: 105/110mm, aperture 16/20mm.

The efficiency is high: the efficiency is 2-3 times higher than that of the conventional cutting machine, and the advantages of long time use are better.

Labor saving: long time operation without hand acid, arm pain.

Easy: the operation is simple and the switch can be operated.

Safety: the use of 48V/24V DC safety voltage, no danger.

Nondestructive: the sections of the cut branches are smooth and without damage.

Environmental protection: using the related DC technology, zero emission, zero pollution.

Energy saving: using the original battery, the charge time is 4-5 hours, and the sustainable work is 3-4 hours. The charge is only 0.2 yuan per charge.

Overload protection: machine mounted behind the over-current protector, when overload operation, the protector will automatically jump, 20 seconds after pressing the protector buttons, can prolong the service life of the battery and motor.

Multipurpose: replace other cutting plates for grinding, cutting, and so on.

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